Divorces, wills and capitulations


Keep in mind that the will is an individual and personal act, which means that neither wills made by several people nor those made on behalf of another are admitted, which is why at the Business Center, we help you with the preparation of the document. in which you decide, after your death, what to do with your assets, as well as other types of clauses: the recognition of a child, or the appointment of person(s) to take care of your assets and guarantee(s). ) that the will is fulfilled.


In Florida, only a court can dissolve your marriage. To file a divorce lawsuit in Florida you need to meet two requirements without which the court will not consider the lawsuit.


Capitulations are agreements entered into before getting married, which aim to regularize specific issues of the marriage, such as economic and/or other matters that I know they want to make strictly clear and regulated before or after the celebration of the marriage, although in At first this may be seen as something unromantic, this practice is becoming more and more common, since, as we all know, the future is uncertain and we do not know what the future holds for us with our partner. At the Business Center we provide you with all the information corresponding to this procedure, as well as its validation and legalization.

All questions you have regarding the subject will be answered by our professionals, which will allow you to carry out this procedure before the competent authorities without any type of trauma.