What is an E-2 visa?

The E-2 visa is granted to people who wish to live and work temporarily in the United States. The United States does not have a trade and navigation agreement with many countries such as Venezuela, Portugal, Bolivia, etc. However, citizens originating from the Treaty Countries may qualify to receive an E-2 visa to develop and direct operations of companies in which the citizen has invested. It is vital to establish that your country of origin or nationality qualifies for this process.

Spouse and children of a main applicant holding an E-2 visa

Spouses and children under 21 years of age of an E-2 visa holder, regardless of their nationality, may apply for and receive E-2 visas to accompany or reunite on the date later with the principal applicant within the United States. Derivatives receive visas within the same visa classification as the primary member.

What documentation will I need to apply for an E-2 visa?

Applicants as investors must meet specific requirements to qualify for an E-2 visa under the Immigration Law. The consular officer will determine if the applicant as an investor qualifies for a visa. Applicants for an E visa must be prepared to provide all necessary documentation or evidence at the time of the interview to obtain E-2 status.


Spouse and children of a main applicant holding an E-2 visa

  • That there is a trade agreement with the investor's country.
  • That the investor is a citizen of that country
  • The investor's passport is required to prove that he is a citizen of the country with a trade agreement (if he additionally has a birth certificate, it is also attached)
  • That the investment has already been made
  • Registration of a Company in the USA.
  • Corporate bank account opening
  • Transfer of funds (from personal or corporate accounts in the name of the investor) to the company's bank account in the USA – A detailed trail of the money must be made.
  • That the company is real and operating
  • Lease contract (of the commercial premises)
  • Payroll payment
  • Evidence of Purchases and Sales
  • Payment of public services
  • Inventory and receipts for the purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Payment of taxes (VAT)
  • Licenses, permits and Insurance
  • Bank Statements
  • Last tax return (if applicable)
  • Latest balance sheet and latest Profit and Loss statement
  • That the investment is substantial
  • Evidence that a minimum of $150,000 has been invested (or that 50% of the $150,000 has been invested and demonstrate that there is availability to invest the surplus for projected expenses of the company that They will be reflected later in the Business Plan.
  • That the investment is not marginal and the profit is only so that the investor pays his/her maintenance expenses (socioeconomic impact). A Business Plan must be included.
  • Investor is in a position to control funds
  • Investor Resume
  • The investor is in an executive position
  • USA company organization chart
  • (It is necessary to demonstrate the need that the American Company has for the physical presence of the investor in the USA, for its development and compliance with the Business Plan)
  • The applicant intends to return to his or her country of origin when the E2 expires
  • Documents of personal and corporate property in the country of origin
  • Last bank statement, personal